Media stories about our Bible memory ministry are precious. They give prospective churches and the public an idea of the accomplishments of Prof. Tom Meyer as he comes as a guest speaker—a glance into Tom’s accolades in Bible memory and his studies in Jerusalem. Check out almost 200 news stories about The Bible Memory Man speaking the Word of God dramatically from memory.

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News Coverage

Man who memorizes Bible reveals tips (Fox News)

The Land and the Book (Moody Radio)

Meyer shares gospel after crash (Christian Post)

Revelation in Minnesota (News Leaders)

Testimony to Crash Part 1 (Youtube)

Testimony to Crash Part 2 (Youtube)

Memory Man in crash (Kinship Christian Radio)

Man Recites Revelation (Tukwila Reporter)

The Memory Man is coming to town (Isanti News)

Indiana Jones of Shasta County (Red Bluff Daily)

The Bible Memorization Study Bible (Christian Post)

Man Memorizes 20 books of the Bible (ABC TV Buffalo)

The Return of the Bible Memory Man (Answers in Genesis)

The Memory Man inspires Memorization (700 Club)

Tom Meyer: The Memory Man (CBN TV)

Memory Man in Cambridge (Isanti County News)

Helping us memorize the Bible (Christian Today)

Why memorize Scripture? (Uganda Christian News)

Off the Cuff with the Memory Man (Journal News)

Bible Performer Recites Peter’s Letter (Ft. Wayne Journal)

Christian Television Network (It’s Time)

World Magazine (Radio Interview)

Bob Dutko Radio Show (Radio Interview)

Janet Mefferd Radio Show (Radio Interview)

Premier Christian Radio (London, England)

Tom Meyer has it all in his head (Abilene Reporter News)

Archaeology presentation this weekend (Faribault Daily News)

Bible Memory man to speak (Dairyland Press)

College starting soon with Bible Memory Man (Red Bluff Daily News)

Bible Memory Man teaches class (The

Meyer recites books from memory as Prof. (Christian Post)

Meyer to host Bible program (Huntington County Press)

Prof. Meyer to recite books of Bible as class (Breaking Christian News)

Meyer to perform book of Revelation (Times Recorder)

The Bible Memory Man (Answers in Genesis)

Author to recite the entire book of Revelation (St. Cloud Times)

Recitation of Revelation slated for Sunday (Faribault Daily News)

The Bible from Memory (The Creation Museum)

Radio Interview – MP3 file (Denver, CO)

Holy Land Explorer (Lake County News)

How Tom Meyer spent 1,000 days in the Holy Land (The Sun)

Professor and Explorer to speak on Holy Land (The Post and Mail)

The Bible from memory (Ken Ham)

Bible Memory Presentation (Intermountain News)

Memorizing the Word: Speaker from the Holy Land to visit Auburn (Auburn Reporter)

Memory Man recites Genesis (Sauk Centre Herald)

Bible memorization presentation at local church (Daily Triplicate)

A Scriptural Feat of Memory (Christian Post)

Bible Teacher Teaches Memorization Class (ABC TV)

Praise FM Radio: Archaeology Interview (Radio Interview)

Professor to teach Bible memorization class at Shasta Bible College (Red Bluff Daily News)

Bible “memory expert” speaking in Ohio Church (Canton Republic)

The World and Everything in It – May 19, 2012 (World Magazine)

Chabad: Missionaries are working non-stop (COL Communications)

Missionaries Have Returned to Israel’s North in Major Campaign (Yad L’Achim)

Wordsower Ministries Here (Ken Ham)

Speaking the Word from memory (The Herald Press)

Tom Meyer Returns (Creation Museum)

Meyer “The Memory Man” Returns to the Museum (Answers in Genesis)

On the religion beat: Book of Revelation from his memory (Star Tribune)

Spellbinding memorization of Scripture provides Revelation (Buffalo News)

Church hosts a recitation of Revelation (Buffalo News)

Couple to celebrate the Bible through recitation (Pontiac Daily Leader)

Becoming a Living, Breathing Bible (Answers in Genesis)

Performer memorizes Bible books (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)

Wordsower to recite Book of Revelation at Baptist church (Naperville Sun)

Becoming a Living, Breathing Bible (Answers Magazine)

Performer offers new way to experience the Bible (Stevens Point Journal)

‘Memory Man’ Shows How to Memorize Scripture (GARBC Baptist Bulletin)

Tom Meyer reads scripture from memory (Huntington Beach Independent)

The Word made sound: Speaker recites whole books of the Bible (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Man Recites Book Of Revelation From Memory-Video (10 News San Diego)

Bible Baptist hosts drama presentation of Bible (Star News)

Faith Baptist to feature speaker who really knows the Bible (Hermantown Star)

The Memory Man Returns to the Museum (Ken Ham)

Along the Way: Man performs memorized Scripture (St Cloud Times)

A memorable week at the Creation Museum (Ken Ham)

Tom Meyer the Memory Man! (Ken Ham)

From Jerusalem-and Bethlehem-with Love (Ken Ham)

Modern Day Joseph (

Around the World with Ken Ham (Ken Ham)

Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham)

Lombardian, Lombard IL – Destination Wedding

Jerusalem Wedding Bells (Ken Ham)

Woodland speaker talks about the importance of Bible memorization (Fergus Falls Journal)

Jerusalem Missionary Coming to W Sac to Speak Bible Dramatically from Memory (West Sac Web)

From Israel to Grinnell (Our Grinnell)

Meyer to speak at Methodist Church (West Sherburne Tribune)

Isreali Man to recite Book of Revelation from memory (Tahoe Daily Tribune)

Author, memory expert to recite Book of Revelation (ChicoER)

Memory man recites holy text by heart (Sign On San Diego)

‘Wordsowers’ Recite Entire Biblical Books From Memory (Christian Post)

Man recites Book of Revelations from memory (Imperial Valley Press)

‘Wordsower’ Bible Teacher: Memorizing Scripture Vital for Evangelism (The Christian Post)

Man Recites Parts of the Bible (Your News Now Buffalo)

Meyer to present telling of Book of Revelation (Hermantown Star)

Man recites part of the Bible from memory (Independent)

Tom Meyer to speak Bible from memory (The Review)

The Memory Man to make appearance (The Jeffersonian)

Victory 91.5 Radio: Atlanta (Radio Interview)

Janet Mefferd Radio Show (Radio Interview)

Point of Faith AM 91 Radio: Denver (Radio Interview)

Praise FM Radio: Minneapolis (Radio Interview)

The Memory Man (Daily Jeffersonian)

Unique Bible Presentation (Daily Jeffersonian)

Bible Prof. Speaks on Memorization (Red Bluff Daily News)

Speaker Educated in Holy Land in Town (Placer Herald)

Hear About the Beginning (Coastal View News)

Christmas Story Recited (Fergus Falls Journal)

Looking for Revelation as world ends? (Daily Herald Chicago)

Holy Land Explorer to Present Speech (South Tahoe Now)

Author, Professor to speak on Middle East Culture (Lake Tahoe News)

Ministry of the Spoken Word (GARBC)

Lecture by Holy Land Explorer (Tahoe Daily Tribune)

Holy Land Explorer Speaking on Easter Sunday (Red Bluff Daily News)

Christian Quarterly (Redding, CA)

Daily Jeffersonian (Cambridge, OH)

Bible Dramatist in Town (The Union)

Dramatic Recitation from Genesis (Valley News)

Ephesians from Memory (Red Bluff Daily News)

Holy Land traveler to speak (Record Bee)

Bible Drama Presentation (West Sacramento Web)

Wordsower to perform at theater (Christian Beacon)

The Christmas account from heart (Our Grinnell)

Bible Memory Man comes to the Point (Green Bay Press Gazette)

Prof. schooled in Israel Speaking on Easter (Red Bluff Daily News)

Prof. to discuss End Times (Red Bluff Daily News)

Entire Book of Revelation from memory (Journal Standard)

Wordsower’s recite Bible from memory (Christian Times)

Two men quote Bible from memory for 24 hours (Christian Post)

Bible Memory Marathon (ABC TV)

Bible Memory for Nepal (World Religion News)

24 hours of the Bible from memory (Christian Headlines)

Bible Memory Making a Comeback (Dutch Christian News)

Man Learns to Memorize in Jerusalem (Belgium Christian News)

Scripture Memory in the Classroom (Korean Christian Daily)

Memorizing the Word of God (Vietnamese Christian News)

Prof. to quote Bible from heart (Chatfield News)

Man Recites Bible from memory (Jersey County Journal)

Meyer performs Bible from Memory (NBC 17)

The Bible Memory Man (Hello Christian)

Memory Marathon (Portuguese Christian News)

Preaching from memory (German Christian News)

Christians in Action (Spain Christian News)

Memory Man in Florida (Tampa Bay Times)

Memorize the Bible (Evangelical Italy)

Interview with the Bible Memory Man (Biblical Remains)

24 hours straight of Bible memory (Black Christian News Network)

Bible drama from memory (Elk Star News)

Bible Memory Expert (Red Bluff Daily News)

The Bible is more than a memory for me (iBelieve Magazine)

If Memory Serves . . . (Ken Ham)

The Return of the Bible Memory Man (Isanti County News)

The Memory Man back in Texas (Abilene Reporter)

Meyer featured in memorization presentation (Daytona Beach News Journal)

Bible’s Memory Man in Ohio (Independent Online)

Bible Memory Man returns to Illinois (Jerseyville County Journal)

Prof. Meyer teaches prophets from memory (Red Bluff Daily News)

Bible Memory Man at the Lake (Record Bee)

Memory Man in N. California (Lake County News)

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