• Speaker

    Tom Meyer is a frequent Christian guest speaker at churches and conferences where he presents the Bible spoken dramatically from memory in an engaging and powerful manner. Sharing his Bible memory insights, Tom also inspires Christians nationally to memorize the Bible.

  • Ministry

    Tom Meyer is a member of Wordsower Ministry. Wordsower is a twofold ministry, dedicated to 1) proclaiming the Bible from memory nationally and 2) meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Christian orphans and widows. Tom has also been serving as a professor at his alma mater, Shasta Bible College and Graduate School since 2010.

  • Author

    Tom Meyer is the author of numerous books on Bible memorization, Bible Archaeology, and Theology. Tom’s books on Bible memory show how to succeed in memorizing the Bible and illustrate the benefits it has on the Christian walk.

  • Education

    Tom Meyer received his B.A. in Bible and Theology from Shasta Bible College and then continued his higher education by earning two M.A. degrees from Jerusalem University College. While being educated in Jerusalem, Tom studied with Jewish Rabbis and Christian Monks to learn the ancient techniques of Bible Memory.

  • Faith and Family

    While studying in Jerusalem, Tom met his wife Sarah on Mount Zion in 2009. Tom and Sarah were married in Jerusalem in 2011 and are the proud parents of four children. The family travels together nationally as Tom presents the Bible spoken dramatically from memory as a guest speaker.

Tom Meyer
Redding, CA 96002

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